Cantilever Gates

Clerk Fencing have supplied and installed new Bekamatic cantilever gates at many locations throughout Ireland. Woodside Haulage, Mercedes Truck & Van Hire, Fultons Outlet Boucher Rd, Ridgeway Plant Hire, Comercial units in Dublin, SCA factory Warrenpoint.

Robusta® cantilever sliding gates

Robusta cantilever sliding gates are either manually operated or automated with Betafence Motorisation. The total roll system is integrated in the under beam guaranteeing security and safety. Robusta cantilever gates are fully pre-assembled in the factory to allow quick and easy installation on site. Gates are galvanised inside and outside, after this an adhesion coating is applied then the gates are plastic coated.
Robusta 2800 – 8m up to 12m free passage.

An ingenious tension system is integrated in the gate frame to guarantee (at all times) a perfect line.

The total roll system is integrated in the under beam. This guarantees an extreme security of functioning and safety. Robusta gates are extraordinarily solid due to their section and the complete welded construction. Frame and bars form one piece.

Robusta cantilever sliding gates are fully pre-assembled in the factory so that the installation on the site can go quickly. The gates are delivered by special transport.

Complete system
Robusta gates integrate perfectly with all professional Betafence Systems: panel fences, chain link and welded fences. They completely harmonise with all styles of architecture and are available in a wide range of RAL colours.
Gate wing
– Welded structure.
– Distance between the vertical bars: 110 mm.
– Provided with a cylinder lock (for manual gates).
– Security topping optional for all heights.
– The frame is provided at the top and the bottom with guiding rolls for a perfect entering in the end post bridge.
– Two sets of rolls in the underbeam for horizontal and vertical guiding.
– Both sets have a brake system to guarantee a smooth closing of the gate.
– Some types of gates have a roll to support the gate in open condition.

Guiding of the gate
– Guiding posts bridge and end posts bridge with welded ground plates.
– The guiding posts bridge has 2 guiding rolls at the top and an integrated foot plate for the installation of 1 roll set that is situated in the underbeam.
– Special guiding posts bridges with integrated electronics are used for motorisation.
– The end posts bridge of the not motorised gate has a lock system integrated in the gate catcher.

Superior coating
Robusta gates are treated with the best coating processes existing today: galvanised in- and outside (minimum 275 g/m2, 2 sides combined).
Afterwards an adhesion coating is applied and finally the gates are plastic coated (min. 120 micron both layers together).

Motorisation Bekamatic®
Bekamatic motorisation is intergrated automation for Robusta cantilever sliding gates. Motorisation, steering, electronics and every element are finished in detail and fully intergrated in the gate structure. With access control on request. Pre-assembled prior to delivery.
Motorisation Bekamatic
Motor/reductor with stainless steel spring loaded locking system guarantees optimal drive. The monofased motor is integrated in the underbeam, 220 Volt and CE-certificated.
A mechanical locking system prevents the gate from being opened manually once the gate has been automatically closed.

Manual unlocking system
A manual over-ride system disconnects the motor from the underbeam and permits manual opening and closing of the gate.

Betafence Engineering has developed a high-quality steering unit.
A control unit with microprocessor manages the general functions and contains the control logic. A separate unit contains the special functions for access control.

Maximum Security
Robusta motorised cantilever sliding gates conform to the requirements for:
– the ENG machine norms
– The Low tension guidelines EN 60335 – 12445 – 124353 – 12635 – 12978
Also TÜV and SOCOTEC certified: this certification confirms that the gates comply with the requirements of Euro Norm
EN 12453 in every aspect of mechanical, motorisation, electronics and security specifications.

The passage of the gate is controlled by means of photocells. In case of activating the cells, the gate will completely open again.
The photocells are installed at the guiding posts bridge and end post.
At the inside of the site: 25 cm high; at the outside of the fence at 60 cm high.

Pressure strips
The head of the gate wing is fitted with a pressure strip. The guiding post bridge is also fitted with pressure strips (two at the front and two at the back side for R2000 and R2800) or 2 strips (one at the front and one at the back side for R1650). Any contact with the pressure strips immediately stops the movement of the gate. At the street side one of the pressure strips can be replaced by a Securifor panel system.

Security stop
The gates are equipped with a security button through which the power supply can be isolated.

Access control
The controls are designed to be adapted to the special demands of the customer.
A choice of multiple Access Control accessories are installed at the request of the customer: key switch ‘dead man’, RF emitter, remote control, code buttons, magnetic card reader, flashlight on the gate post, digital code keypad, speaker phone, time registration (calendar/clock), induction circuit by magnetic loop. These elements are installed on the guiding post, the end post, or a separate column as necessary.

Integrated motorisation
The motorisation is integrated at the factory in the underbeam and the steering in the guiding post bridge, resulting in gates of an attractive design and guarantees silent functioning.

Security and operation
Due to the integration, the functional elements of motorisation and steering are well protected against weather conditions, contamination and vandalism, increasing the longevity and security of operation considerably.

Access control on request
The steering can be adapted to suit every project and to the demands of the customer. There are many options : key with dead man switch with three functions, RF-emitter – remote control, code buttons, magnetic card reader, gate light, video control, time registration, etc.

Quality to the finest detail
The gates are examples of advanced technology. Designed to the smallest detail and meticulously finished for optimal security of operation and longevity.